Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What is a Pre-Sale and why do you have it?

  Due to demands we offer our Pre-Sale as an option on our releases for our friends the "Grits Gang/Tribe", being that we do print limited quantities.  We are a growing business and we hope to print more goods as time goes on. The Pre-Sale guarantees your shirt and always a few extra Gritty Goods. A specific date will be in the description for delivery.



2. How will I know when your next Pre-Sale is?

  We always encourage people to sign up for our email newsletter. This will allow you to  be the first to know of each release.


3. Will you be reprinting the “Sold Out” Items again?

  We like to print limited quantities. We release shirts every other month, so if you miss out we always have something Fresh cooking! We may reprint a shirt or two, it all depends on the demand! No Grits, No Glory!


 4. Are all of your clothes Made in the USA?

  No all of our clothes are not Made in the USA. We do have some items that are Made in the USA, and we make sure to point that out in the description. We like to guarantee the best quality clothes for our vision and we are always looking for new Made in the USA products.


5.  Do you do collaborations?

At this time we are staying focused on our brand and building better products. But we are always open!


6.  How do your shirts fit?

  Most of our clothes fit true to size. We like to make sure the person wearing Grits is comfortable and feels good wearing our clothes. You can check out our sizing chart: http://weargrits.com/pages/sizing


 7. Do you have a Store Front?

  We do not currently have a store front. One day we will open our Flagship store, but until then we like our little shop online just fine! Thank you so kindly for asking!


8. Do you do Wholesale? How can I sale Grits Co.?

  We currently do not offer Wholesale or Franchise our merchandise at this time. Thank you so kindly for your interest.


9. Who does your designs and Can you design a shirt for me?

We do all of our designs in house by Levi. We like to keep it simple and down home. We do offer other Graphic Design services at www.pencilbreak.com